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Be it lake or river sport, the infrastructure of the Albury Estate Fisheries backs up an expert fisheries management team, offering a quality of fishing that is really second to none. Our trout farms provide tip-top condition hard fighting rainbows and browns, whilst the lakes are purpose built for trout fishing, which all goes to provide a superb quality fishing experience.  The lakes were created in the late seventies, and many of them have featured the overhauling of redundant millpond areas within a valley which has been archaeologically rich in harnessing the power of water. By the early nineties, Albury had assembled four prime waters, namely – Powdermills, Weston, Park and Vale End – with Syon Park coming on stream in 1994 to complete the collection of fisheries.
Stocking Policy
“The smallest (fish stocked) at Vale End and Weston should be 2 pounds with a 2 and a half pound average. The smallest (fish stocked) at Powder Mills should be around 3 and a half pounds, with an overall average of 5 pounds. The average size of fish at the Park is 2 and a quarter pound, 1 pound 12 is ok. Some weeks the average is higher, some weeks the average is lower, but generally the stocking pans out to 2 and a half pound (at Vale End and Weston). Large fish is stocked 1 in a 100 fish; Powder Mills is 1 in 20 fish.”.

The farm’s objective is to supply, Syon Park, Vale End and Weston with a 2 lb 8 oz average weight and Powder Mills with an average of 5lb (hence the 2 fish tickets being required).
One has to appreciate that given the large fish stocked, whether that be doubles or 3-9lb, the majority of the fish will be under the average weight to allow for big fish stockings, to enable more variety of catch sizes for the anglers, especially that priceless experience of a photographable large fish.
Occasionally odd fish might be caught that to not adhere to the stocking policy, should this affect you please consult with the bailiff on the day.
For example, coarse fish such as Tench, roach and perch are known to enter the lake at Syon. Bream and wild trout can enter at Powder Mills and Vale End and the Park are down stream of an independent fish farm and coarse fishery which can spring numerous surprises. Also, when an individual lake is not drained annually, some fish may remain in the water for months, which can lead to a change in condition and reduction in body mass. What ever your experience I sincerely hope that you enjoy the fish reared on our Trout Farms.(RK)

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