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Near Colchester.
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CEMEX Angling was proud to announce the opening in 2009 of its latest complex situated in Alresford near Colchester in Essex. This complex has gone from strength to strength in the last 6 months with some very large catches from the majority of anglers who have fished there.Over the last 24 months the fisheries team has worked this site to bring you an exciting new complex offering 4 fish filled lakes set in breathtaking scenery. The individual waters contain carp in excess of 29lb, tench to over 9lb, specimen crucians, bream to 8lb and a whole host of other species to specimen sizes. Once again CEMEX Angling has totally transformed a disused quarry site into a breathtaking fishery that will mature and flourish over time and is sure to be one of the country’s top venues given time to develop.

Jerry’s Lake
The main lake on the complex is just shy of 11 acres in size and compromises of shallow bars, gravel humps, silt-filled gullies and secluded island areas. In its quarry days this part of the site was included in the main quarry face, which is why the bottom contours of this water are so varied, and a fantastic proposition for carp and angler alike.

CEMEX Angling has stocked over 300 carp into its weed-filled waters, with specimens to 24lb 12oz being the largest at the time of introduction. Thirty custom made pegs have been dug into the bank on this site to provide comfortable yet practical angling opportunities throughout this fantastic day ticket water. Also, trees have been planted to allow screening from other anglers and to provide marginal habitat and cover for the many animals, birds and insects that inhabit the site.

Special care has been taken in choosing the stock for this lake to ensure that all the fish caught will be stunning to the eye and heavy in the weigh sling! The mainstay of the stock are CEMEX Angling’s own Sutton strain fish, although a high proportion of the stock is derived from Leney-Dink crosses. This mix was intentional to create a good blend of fish in the water and ensure that no particular fish strain becomes dominant and allowing a more balanced stock.

After this venue’s first year, CEMEX Angling are proud to report that the fish are doing tremendously well with the new lake record being a shade over 28lb.

Hall’s Lake
This water has been designed with the pleasure/match angler in mind and compromises thirty purpose-built fishing platforms to allow comfort and space for all who wish to ‘have a dangle’ in its blue waters. Stock ratios have been carefully monitored to ensure good catch returns and consistent sport whilst not developing it into an over-stocked commercial water.

A great deal of time, investment and thought has gone into the lakes’ development, in terms of planting schemes and the recycling of waste products to highlight CEMEX Angling’s commitment to managing its waters in a sustainable and responsible way.

Stock in the lake consists of all the usual species found in match waters although the bias of this lake is not carp but bream and tench with perch, chub, roach, rudd and crucians making the rest of the lake’s population. There are a number of small carp in this water but not to the same extent as can be found in other match waters. Here, the match angler can go back to when carp didn’t dominate catch weights and a mixed coarse fish bag was sufficient to claim the silverware. A year since opening and half way through the planned stocking of this water and already consistent bags of mixed silver fish and good bags of small bream are reported in by our bailiff team.

Ellis Pit
A desire to return to those misty, spring dawns and hazy summer afternoons has been behind the creation of this water. Set aside from the rest of the site, this lake was screaming out to be developed as a specimen tench and Crucian water holding tench in excess of 8lb and crucians topping the 2lb mark.

The crystal clear water which is to be found in this little half-acre pond is teeming with aquatic life and provides a fantastic habitat for the pond’s residents. With just these two species present in this water it enables you to set your stall out to try and catch one, knowing you won’t be pestered by nuisance fish. If you fancy going back in time to those exciting days of float fishing for the unseen giants that were always found in your local pond and realizing your dream as the brightly tipped float dips and them disappears into the depths then this is the water for you. Your Mr Crabtree dreams are to be found here.

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