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Located in Northamptonshire, the Complex consists of 6 mature lakes, including a  day ticket specimen carp lake with fish to

39lb, and a syndicate carp lake.  We also have two Syndicate Lakes at Kislingbury, located just off junction 15A of the404 Not Found M1. Our aim is to cater for a variety of anglers, from pleasure to serious matchmen and specimen anglers, whether you want to fish for a few hours or all weekend. The day ticket Specimen Carp Lake is  Elsons, and back in the 80's, was run as the Mid Northants Carp Fishery, one of

Additionally, a 404 Not Found the premier carp waters in the country, and fished by the top Carp Anglers at the time.
Now, 20 years on, it has matured into a beautiful lake, surrounded by large trees. The lake is around six acres in size, with depths ranging from 6-9ft. Surrounded by reeds, the lake features several gravel bars, sunken and overhanging trees, and lily pads.

There are quite a few large carp in the lake, and at the time of writing, there are at least 6 known fish over 30lb, the biggest being just over 39lb, and many more over 20lb. There are a maximum of 12 anglers allowed on at any one time so booking is advisable.

We are located on the A45 eastbound carriageway between Wellingborough and Thrapston. After crossing the roundabout at the A6 intersection, turn into the first layby, approx 400yds ahead.  The entrance to the Complex is through a metal gate located at the end of this layby. This gives you access to the Main Car Park. Turn left  and follow the track and this will take you to the Swan Car Park. Syndicate members have a key to

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access another Car Park along the side of Elsons Lake. You cannot gain access to the Complex from the Stanwick Lakes Country Park entrance on the Stanwick roundabout.

Coot Lake
This is our smallest, of around 12 pegs, and has received a large amount of extra fish, including carp, tench, roach, rudd, and crucians.

Car Park Lane
This lake has 16 pegs,and as the name suggests, is located next to the main car park, giving easy access. It has a large stocking of small carp, and is an ideal venue for pleasure fishing, or small matches. We have built some double platforms which are ideal for family use. ie. father and son.

Mallard Lake
31 Pegs. This lake will suit a variety of anglers, and is our "Runs" water. Although mainly fished for carp, (the biggest weighing  over 26lb),  it also holds tench to over 9lb, crucians over 3lb and bream.
An excellent day ticket water, which can also be booked  for matches. Contact Phil on: 07974 300015

Elsons Lake
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over 6 acres, steeped in carp fishing history, offering tench, pike, and large carp.The biggest recorded carp was just over 39lb and was caught in 2004, and there are currently 6 known 30lb+ fish. Pike have been caught at over 23lb. A maximum of 12 anglers, and due to demand, booking is necessary.

Swan Lake
This lake is around 5 acres in size and has 30 pegs, it has been substantially restocked with roach,rudd, carp and bream. It is  open for pleasure anglers and match fishing. This lake is starting to become quite popular for carping now that the stocked fish are growing on. The average size expected would be between 4lb - 8lb, although a lot of doubles are beginning to show now and  mid twenties have been caught. There is a car park, conveniently located next to the lake, so you can drive right to it.

Roman Lake - (Syndicate Only) Membership Price :  £300  per year.  April-March
Roman lake is our syndicate lake, its about 9 acres. An area known as The Arm, which is about 2 acres, is shut for the close season  (March 15th -June 16th) which still leaves about 7 acres open all year. Since taking over the

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complex, the stock in this lake has steadily increased, and at a rough estimate, there are now approaching 200 carp, from doubles, numerous twenties and thirties, up to the current record for the lake, which is a 41lb common. As part of our long term stocking policy this number will steadily increase. Members get a key to a syndicate car park which has a locked gate. There is a waiting list at the moment, and as we only allow 26 members at any time, we suggest you complete our online syndicate application, if you are interested in joining at some point in the future.


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Stanwick Lakes 2011-04-07 19:54:06 Austin
Overall rating 
Reviewed by Austin    April 07, 2011

As a relative novice I can't give entirely the best report back on the venue all round, however i'll attempt to paint the picture.

All of the lakes are litter free apart from the occasional remnant of line or forgotten litter bag, the pegs are well maintained with ample room for gear etc with plenty of clearance in places for the odd wayward cast without attaching youself to the trees and after the morning rush the road noise from the nearby bypass dies away to leave a mostly peaceful venue. Theres also wildlife aplenty around the

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pools with a multitude of birds and even the odd passing grass snake taking a swim

My son and I have fished both Mallard and Car Park lakes and enjoyed it on all occassions. Mallard has been particularly difficult for myself with only 1 double to show for the trips ( I put this down to my inexperience rather than the venue ) but Car park has produced numerous roach for me and my son and one low double carp that put a serious bow into the light gear we were using. I have seen other fishermen pulling decent sized carp from Car Park lake consistently and I am sure when I develop my tactics more the same will happen for me.

The fishery staff are happy to give advice and are friendly and talkative when doing the rounds and all in all i'll be paying alot more visits to this venue

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