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Hall Drive,
South Cheshire
07713 886654

An all year round, mature, day/evening/night ticket water comprising of a 3-lake complex and a 90 metre canal, all well stocked with 15 species of fish with Carp up to 30lb and catfish up to 60lb, many natural features - lily pads, islands, reed beds etc.

Specimen Lake
Both the specimen lake and the match lake have an abundance of natural features with over 30 established lily pads, mostly 8 metres off shore, and many reed beds. The match lake has 40 pegs, all staged, and the specimen lake can fish 25-30 anglers, again all staged.

Match Lake
The match lake holds 16 different species of fish, including Tench, Chubb, Barbel, Carp, Ide and Bream. The match record todate is 84lb caught in a three hour session, with the next three weights in the match all over 60lb.

For the younger fishermen there is a 90 metre canal and a junior pool, both extra-well stocked with fish up to 8lb for that important first catch and ongoing action.

Wells Catfish were introduced to Home Farm fisheries in the spring of 2004. 28 fish of varying weights from 6lb up to 25lb were stocked and since then they have grown steadily in size. In August 2007 a specimen weighing 37lb 8oz was caught by a local angler. Until recently this fish was assumed to be the largest in the lake.

Since their introduction they have provided excellent sport for the anglers at Home Farm Fishery and for many of the anglers, who normally fish for carp, it was their first experience of hooking a catfish. Pictured is Kevin Gibson of Macclesfield, a regular at Home Farm with his first catfish which weighed in at 24lb in July  2007.

Early in 2008 it was decided to increase the stock of Catfish in view of their increasing popularity with the anglers. We had heard that a famous catfish venue, Burton Mere Fisheries on the Wirral, was closing having been sold to the RSPB.  We agreed to purchase all the catfish stock from the owner Mr. Terry Knight. Many of the fish were between 20 and 50lb with some reaching the 60lb mark.

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