Cefn Malby Lakes

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Set in the rolling Welsh countryside Cefn Mably Lakes is a fishing complex situated between Newport and Cardiff and only 5 mins from the M4. There are 8 ponds in total, split between 2 trout and 6 coarse.

The Spring pond is our very popular any-method trout fishing water. It's1.5 acres in size and ideal for a family day out. The Spring pond is stocked weekly with a good range of rainbows. The average weight is 2-2.5lb with larger fish stocked regularly. This is a catch and kill water only with a minimum weight of 1lb 8oz, anything under is yours with our compliments. The Spring Pond record has recently been smashed and currently stands at 15lb 1oz but may be beaten this year. The ponds have 25 fishing platforms linked by a gravel path.

The lodge lake is a picturesque 6.5 acre fly fishing only water. It is surrounded by 40 wooden platforms linked by a gravel path - No mud here! It is stocked weekly with rainbows along with a sprinkling of Big Browns and Blues. Average weights are 2.5 - 3lbs with bigger fish stocked regularly. We have a 2lb minimum weight, anything under is yours with our compliments!

The Horseshoe pond is a popular lake, and once seen as the bag filling lake is now full with a variety of carp from 2lb upto the lake record of 28lb 14oz caught in the summer of 2010. There is also a lovely head of Bream with a top weight of 10lb 11oz. The summer fishing on this lake is quite simply superb, the Carp are active and hungary and it's regular to see 200lb bags caught. The Evening sport is also something to behold with double figure Carp going nuts for floating Dog Biscuit & Bread!!

The Carp pond is now 17 years old and has matured into a stunning lake. It's about 1.5 acres in size. It's the place to be if you're after a good bag of mixed carp, varying in size from 4lb right up to 25lb fish. It produces some fantastic sport especially in the warmer months. The depth ranges from 2' to about 9' at its deepest point. Best baits to be used in the summer months when the fish are on the surface include bread and dog biscuits.Other top baits include boilies, sweetcorn and meat. Carp specialist Steve Howard of Newport has had some notable fish with specimens of 24lb 3oz, 20lb 12oz and 20lb 4oz all mirrors and a stunning 18lb 11oz koi carp and many more lower weights too numerous to mention.

The match pond has 40 pegs all of which have been designed with match fishing in mind. Each peg is served via a gravel path and is easily accessible. There is a large island running through the middle of the pond, which is no further than 22m from the bank making it perfect for pole, waggler or feeder fishing. There are 2 shelves that run throughout the lake. 1 is at 2ft the other at 4ft and the bed of the lake is 6ft. This offers numerous options for the angler. The lake has matured nicely over the past 4 years, the fishing has been pretty consistant with 100lb bags regular. The beauty of this lake is that not all the matches are won on the pole and not all the fish are lumpy mirror carp. Feeder fishing often beats pole anglers, just as pole and paste anglers often beat up in the water anglers. It really is that unpredictable.

The bridge pond is our 30 peg pleasure fishing pond. It’s shaped attractively in a figure of 8 formation with 2 separate islands. The pond has a 3’ shelf around the pond as a feature. And has a maximum depth of about 6’. It has lots of bank space and all 30 pegs are linked by a gravel path. This pond has the most amount of variety, there are large quantities of Crucian, F1 Mirror, Common and Ghost Carp. To complement the Carp are Bream, Tench, Barbel and Roach. The past 2 years has seen fish that were stocked at 4 lb in 2006 weighed  in at 12lb - 16lb. These fish are on the feed all the time which provides great sport and some serious bags!

The Willow pond is the newest edition to the complex. Originally set out  to be an alternative fly - fishing pond demand for space meant we soon turned it into a highly stocked, high action coarse pond. Mainly stocked with F1 Carp there is also a good head of skimmers and chub. This is an ideal pond for a begginner who wishes to learn how to fish or perfect a few skills. Many people just fish it because there are so many fish to be caught. Designed in a kidney shape, there are no shelves just a gradual decline from the bank to the deck which reaches 7' at it's deepest point. As you can see the pond is neat and tidy with a gravel path serving 15 spacious platforms. There is also parking very close to the pond with easy disabled access.

The overflow is a pictureseque little pond is only about 0.35 of an acre, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in quality and fun!! Originally a trout lake for beginners we changed it's use to a small coarse lake in 05'. We found this lake to be ideal for kids who want to catch there first fish or just want to have some great fun. Rammed full of rudd, Roach and small Carp it's perfect for whip fishing and coaching.

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