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Wyreside Lakes Fishery
Sunnyside Farmhouse
Bay Horse
01524 792093

The Fishery is situated on the Duchy of Lancaster’s Wyreside Estate. A variety of way -marked paths through the Fishery connect the lakes and there are many attractive walks in the surrounding countryside. We have a mixture carp, pike and coarse fishing offering a variety of species and size which will provide a challenge to both the professional and novice angler.

Wyreside Lakes Fishing Complex is one of the largest in the North West and offers a mixture of carp, pike and coarse fishing with a variety of species and size. Wyreside is renowned for the quality of catches it has consistently produced - with carp up to 40lbs.

QUARRY LAKE 1 acre - Head of 95 carp.
6 swims
This lake is stocked with carp (mostly mid doubles) upto 25lbs. Originally a filterbed from the quarry (hence the name) this was originally stocked in 2000 with 60 fish around the 8lb mark.

WYRE LAKE (CARP / PIKE) - 18 Acres - Head of 118 Carp
19 swims
FEATURES – Island – (1 ½ acres), undulated with gravel bars and silt beds with depths ranging from 2ft to13ft. Susceptible to weed from spring.
HOT SPOTS – Depends where the fish are!! All swims are named.
ACCESSIBILITY – Poor -1 main car park – you cannot drive to any of the swims.
One of the premier carp waters in the North West with the current record weight standing at 40 lbs 4 oz. The lake is available to season ticket holders but again day and night permits can be purchased during the week on a minimum of 48hrs from Monday to Friday only.

SUNNYSIDE 1 (CARP AND PIKE) 3 acres - Head of 145 carp.
12 swims
This water holds the largest dayticket water record on the estate. Stocked with carp (mid doubles) in 1999 this water is available for day and night permits. The lake record is 'Pecks' at 33lbs.

SUNNYSIDE LAKE 2(carp and pike) 7 acres - Head of 250 carp.
21 swims
Originally our trout water, yet carp have resided in this lake since 1984. In October 2004, 100 carp were introduced between 11 and 25lbs. The original carp have grown, although sizes are yet unknown in this relatively new lake. The top weight now stands at 32.10lbs (common carp). Day and night permits are available.
FEATURES – SUNNY 2 has a small island and quite a lot of open water. Both average depths between 5 to 8 feet. Margins are definitely worth fishing.
HOT SPOTS – Again can be wind direction dependant. Corner swims always seem to hold the fish, for example, pegs 9, 14, 15 on Sunny 2 and pegs 8 and 9 on Sunny 1.
ACCESSIBILTIY –Good. 2 Car parks and parking behind some roadside swims.

RIVER LAKE (CARP) 1.5 acres- Head of 150 carp.
12 swims
The only original lake on the estate - stocked in 1984 with a mixture of common and mirror carp. The biggest weight to date is 30.4 lbs. Day and night permits are available.
FEATURES –sunken Island (central) quite a lot of reed beds, Margins are silty (because of tree lines all around the water) but definitely worth fishing.
Matt and his team concentrated on clearing River Lake this last winter and the work has had a huge effect on the catch report this year so far.
HOT SPOTS – Again can be wind direction dependant, and weather conditions.
ACCESSIBILTIY –Good. 2 Car parks and parking behind some roadside swims.

FOX’S LAKES (COARSE) 2.5 acres
A 4 acre water stocked with tench, chubb, perch, rudd, bream and carp. Day and night permits are available.

A small lake stocked with various coarse fish is available for the younger fisherman.

Bantons Lake – 11 acres - Head of 200 carp.
19 swims
FEATURES – Island (1/2 acre) – water clarity – very clear – susceptible to high levels of weed from spring onwards. May plateaus, bars and silt beds.
HOT SPOTS –island swims seem to produce constant catch reports.
Named fish include 2 new lake records – ‘two bleeps’ 39lbs 2oz.
ACCESSIBILTIY –Good. 2 Car parks and parking behind some roadside swims.

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