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Whiston Hall Fisheries

Created on 08 June 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

... Alton Towers, the hotel was completed in 1850 and has many original carvings and features which add to the ambiance and charm of this delightful residence.  It really is the place to come for your fishing, ...

Sewage Kills Thousands of Fish

Created on 07 June 2011. Posted in Angling News

... Mark Lloyd said: “It is heartbreaking to see so many young fish being repeatedly poisoned in sewage. We hope that incidents such as this will convince policy makers and London local authorities of the ...

Protecting your catch

Created on 06 June 2011. Posted in General Fishing

... the fence and will use whatever the fishery rules state, however what cannot be denied is that any hook will cause some damage to the soft tissues in the mouth of the fish and this needs to be addressed. ...

The Humble Dogfish

Created on 06 June 2011. Posted in Culinary

... the flesh away from the spine (this is the only bone in the fish) and cut into oxo sized cubes. Coat the fish cubes in flour and then in egg and roll in breadcrumbs. Deep fry until golden brown. Result ...

Leighton Reservoir

Created on 03 June 2011. Posted in Stillwater Trout

Situated in the hills and moors above Masham, in Wensleydale (sign posted from Masham). At 105 acres this is quite a large lake in an exposed position, but it has outstanding fly fishing for quality rainbow ...

Identifying Rise Forms

Created on 02 June 2011. Posted in Fly Fishing

A lot of valuable infomation can be gained by just observing the fish feeding (Rising), or commonly called "The Rise". This is basically the disturbance caused by the fish (Trout in this case) feeding ...

Microwaving Fish Fillets

Created on 30 May 2011. Posted in Culinary

... as the dish is still cooking during this period. Once cooked serve on a plate with rice or veg. It all depends on your pallet so don't be afraid to try different combinations. Healthy eating!!  ...

Cooking Mussels

Created on 30 May 2011. Posted in Culinary

... your still alive mussels into a deep pan of fresh water. Let them soak for about half an hour. The mussels will expel any sand that's in the shell whilst they breathe so this is an important step. Then ...

Shrimp on the Barbeque

Created on 30 May 2011. Posted in Culinary

Use a small knife to split the shrimp down the back and pick out the vein. The opening that you have made will help to add flavour to your shrimp. With this cut the marinades can soak in. Grilling shrimp ...

Handling & Storage of Fresh Fish

Created on 25 May 2011. Posted in Sea Fishing

After catching or purchasing your fish, we must make sure we keep it as fresh as possible. This provides the chef (you) with the highest quality we can for cooking. Heres a few pointers that will hopefully ...

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