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It's all fair game at the Game Fair.

Created on 02 August 2011. Posted in General Fishing

... and bag some tuition for free, but also because I get to wrap my sticky mitts around a few choice shotguns and create a bit of smoke and noise in the testing area. Think of it as catharsis with safety ...

Pallatrax Newsletter

Created on 14 July 2011. Posted in Angling News

Welcome to the first in a series of monthly newsletters from Devon based Pallatrax. Each month will bring catch reports, offers and behind the scenes news for readers to give some insights into the company ...

Piscator non solum piscatur

Created on 15 June 2011. Posted in General Fishing

... to find something to his own taste. He's a selective and rather wasteful eater. On a quick walk up the riverbank earlier, the telltale deposit of his scat was spotted close by the remains of his previous ...

Fishermen Angry At Rejection of Application for Bye-law

Created on 10 June 2011. Posted in Angling News

... some ‘raft-free’ time on the river. After five years of fruitless negotiation with the rafters, fishery owners asked the Access Forum to make their own recommendations. In their report the Access Forum ...

Protecting your catch

Created on 06 June 2011. Posted in General Fishing

... the angler wanders away.....we have all seen it, we all know how important it is, but some anglers still don’t bother! I wanted to consider fish welfare as an article, but when I thought about it, it ...

Identifying Rise Forms

Created on 02 June 2011. Posted in Fly Fishing

... are some of the rise forms that you may see: "Slashing" - This type of rise is usually heard before it is seen. When large flies are about IE. Crane flies (Daddy-long-legs), Sedges, Hawthorns etc.(flies ...

Microwaving Fish Fillets

Created on 30 May 2011. Posted in Culinary

... then lay them out on a plate in a single layer. Cover the fish with some lemon juice or some olive oil mixed with herbs and/or spices depending on your taste buds. Cover the dish with microwave safe plastic ...

Cooking Mussels

Created on 30 May 2011. Posted in Culinary

Make sure that the mussels are still alive by tapping on their shells. If the shell doesn’t close when you give them a tap, avoid them as they are likely to be dead. Some will already be closed tightly ...

Shrimp on the Barbeque

Created on 30 May 2011. Posted in Culinary

... or just a dry blend of some seasoning, make this within half an hour of cooking. Preheat your BBQ grill to a medium heat. Put a light coat of oil onto your grill or hot plate ready for the skewered shrimp. ...

Handling & Storage of Fresh Fish

Created on 25 May 2011. Posted in Sea Fishing

... help you acheive this. Make sure that the fish is kept chilled on ice or in a cooler with ice blocks of some sort for the journey home. Avoid lifting the fish by the tail alone as this will ...

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