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Gweryd Lakes Fishing

Created on 05 April 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

... depths from 16 ft to 5ft and spring fed it offers good sport and excellent access to the less mobile angler. Our shop stocks a selection of flies and fly rods may be hired by experienced fishermen or lessons ...


Created on 04 April 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

... the Northwest. Hauls of 30 tench in a session are common and fish to over the magical 10lb mark provide targets for the dedicated specimen hunter. The water also hold a very good head of beautifully marked ...

Lymm AC achieves Clubmark status

Created on 02 April 2011. Posted in Angling News

... Every participant receives a free goodie bag of terminal tackle supplied by partners in the angling trade, and a certificate to mark their achievement. In addition to the planned courses, Lymm AC also ...

Chester Specimen Lakes

Created on 26 March 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

... has led to the water providing some truly huge fish. There are a good number of 20lb+ carp along with a number of good 30’s. Tench to low double figures, bream thought to go up to mid-doubles and eels ...

Gold Valley Lakes

Created on 25 March 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

... rod, 116 to 124 are good pegs for fishing close in, all the suggested close in pegs should be fed a second line in order to widen the chance of a day to remember. The roach fishing on Syndicate has developed ...

The Lure of the Rod

Created on 24 March 2011. Posted in General Fishing

... one unless you take up the bow and arrow or are handy with a spear, but good heavens, the market is awash and the choice available boggles the mind...and the wallet. Keeping up with the Joneses takes ...

Suffolk Water Park

Created on 23 March 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

... We have a well-established big fish lake of 25 acres, horseshoe in shape containing a good head of stunning carp - 20's and 30's up to 40lb. The big lake isn't always easy, but provides quality fishing. ...

Homersfield Lake

Created on 23 March 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

... Numerous fish between 10-20 lbs are complemented with good numbers of 30 lbs and 40 lbs fish. Over 10-50 lbs + catfish have been caught so far this season. In previous seasons, catfish over 65 lbs were ...


Created on 23 March 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

... care, protecting them and allowing their development to even greater weights. Pleasure & Match Lake Fully stocked with nice bream, rudd, roach, small carp, some nice sized perch, good sized tench and ...

Coking Farm Fishery

Created on 22 March 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

... snaps them up. There is a good head of 20lb plus fish and 6 known 30lb plus fish. The depth of the lake is between 8 and 15ft and can prove challenging but in the right conditions can produce some great ...

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