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Angel Lakes Catch Report

Created on 11 January 2012. Posted in Catch Reports

... are shoaled and you need to get ontop of the shoals to get good catches. Happy New Year we have just returned from a month abroad for recuperation for Arthur after his major cancer operation in August ...

Angling Trust hydropower report

Created on 14 November 2011. Posted in Angling News

... "Angling Trust Position Statement on Run of River Hydropower" is available from the Angling Trust website HERE. The Trust acknowledges some exceptional good practice case studies, which pass the sustainable ...

Elphicks Fisheries

Created on 08 November 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

... Lodge carries drinks, snacks and sweets as well as being well stocked with a range of the latest bait and terminal tackle including products from: Solar, Dynamite Baits, and many more... for more information ...

Terms of Use

Created on 07 November 2011. Posted in About

... written consent from the owner of the copyrighted material. Spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are also forbidden on this forum. Note that it is impossible ...

Another Season in the Bag

Created on 22 October 2011. Posted in Fly Fishing

... of the new season dawns and he will emerge from the gloom with shiny new tackle, renewed enthusiasm for success, and the prospect that this will be the year he will catch 'the big one'. Bless his little ...

Pallatrax Newsletter Oct'11

Created on 19 October 2011. Posted in Angling News

... so it’s no surprise they feature in this month’s newsletter! Luca is first in with his smashing 3lbs 6ozs perch from a local (Daventry) stretch of the Grand Union Canal. Luca float fished a lobworm ...

Wader Woes

Created on 19 September 2011. Posted in General Fishing

We've all done it, tried to ignore that creeping, cold tickling around our backsides, that gradually spreading icy chilliness that shifts subtly from irritating annoyance into downright discomfort, and ...

Pallatrax Newsletter Sept'11

Created on 06 September 2011. Posted in Angling News

... give a completely natural presentation which, in conjunction with a variety of quality Pallatrax baits and end tackle, has certainly seen me have a good season, including a new personal best carp from ...

Fishing on your own? Be Savvy, Be Safe!

Created on 29 August 2011. Posted in Sea Fishing

... when fishing from steep  banks, or in darkness. Modern versions are small, lightweight, and inexpensive if you consider what your life is worth! If you regularly fish alone in remote areas, ...

Marions Pool

Created on 28 August 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

Situated on the A4136 a mile before the village of Staunton in the Monmouth direction, the water is clearly visable from the road and access is easy. The pond offers excellent Tench fishing and also holds ...

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