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It's all fair game at the Game Fair.

Created on 02 August 2011. Posted in General Fishing

... from the Fair - a full 2.5 MILES!! Yes, you read that right. Thank goodness for the frequest bus service they laid on otherwise there would have been serious wearing out of shoe leather. Which brings me ...

Pallatrax Newsletter

Created on 14 July 2011. Posted in Angling News

... renowned for the Stonze weights and a host of other innovative bait creations. The latest release this week may interest the catfish anglers; ‘CatChunx’ have been developed after listening to catfish ...

Commonwood Fishery

Created on 29 June 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

... but this has been knocked down and has not yet been replaced, follow the lane for 1/4 mile and we are on the left.  ...

Piscator non solum piscatur

Created on 15 June 2011. Posted in General Fishing

... take rather a back seat, especially on the days when it is bone numbingly cold or pouring with rain and any meaningful attempt at fishing has been abandoned. We don't give up and go home, we sit huddled ...

Fishermen Angry At Rejection of Application for Bye-law

Created on 10 June 2011. Posted in Angling News

...  Fish Legal made the application on behalf the Tay District Salmon Fishery Board which has a legal duty to protect and enhance salmon fisheries on the River Tay. The Upper Tay has been swamped by rafters ...

Whiston Hall Fisheries

Created on 08 June 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

... mature landscaped pools, Whiston has plenty of hard fighting carp in excess of 20lbs. These fish have been stocked from reputable sources over the last 10 years resulting in a strain of truly beautiful ...

Sewage Kills Thousands of Fish

Created on 07 June 2011. Posted in Angling News

Thousands of fish have been killed in a pollution incident on the tidal Thames in West London after nearly half a million tonnes of sewage poured into the river over the weekend. Anglers were out on Monday ...

Protecting your catch

Created on 06 June 2011. Posted in General Fishing

... been fishing for over twenty years and would be reasonably confident of landing a 20lbs+ fish on a fairly light rod, but I know that a relative newcomer to the sport may struggle to ‘play’ such a fish ...

Identifying Rise Forms

Created on 02 June 2011. Posted in Fly Fishing

... that have been blown onto the surface). The trout will "Splash" at its quarry, sometimes it tries to drown and water-log the fly before taking properly. I have seen damsels flying above the water only ...

Farm Bred Fish

Created on 30 May 2011. Posted in Culinary

It has been suggested that farm raised salmon may contain PCBs. These nasties that can be detrimental to our health, These PCBs are caused by the fish-meal they are fed. It has been known for fishmongers ...

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