Fishermen Angry At Rejection of Application for Bye-law

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Fish Legal is considering legal action against Perth and Kinross Council after its Community Safety Committee rejected a proposal to introduce a bye-law restricting commercial rafting on the Upper Tay.

Fish Legal made the application on behalf the Tay District Salmon Fishery Board which has a legal duty to protect and enhance salmon fisheries on the River Tay. The Upper Tay has been swamped by rafters since the introduction of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act in 2003, making fishing virtually impossible. Fishermen, beleaguered by an incessant tide of rafts, no longer fish the waters. Catches have collapsed and as a result the capital and rental values of the fisheries have plummeted.


Approximate Fish Cooking Times.

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These cooking times for fish are only a guide, remembering that practice makes perfect. It's important not to overcook!


Sewage Kills Thousands of Fish

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Thousands of fish have been killed in a pollution incident on the tidal Thames in West London after nearly half a million tonnes of sewage poured into the river over the weekend. Anglers were out on Monday evening trying to rescue dying fish stranded on the river’s beaches. The fish included roach, dace, bream, eels, perch, pike, sea bass and flounder. The tidal Thames is an important coarse fishery as well as being a vital nursery area for marine fish species for the whole of the South East of England.


Protecting your catch

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Fish care; does it matter?

One of the most important things in angling is fish welfare; fact. The protection, conservation and continuation of our target species is paramount to our fishing, without conserving and husbanding of stocks, our sport will decline and we will all suffer the consequences......but do we take it seriously enough?


The Humble Dogfish

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Dogfish can be a pain in the butt especially when targeting other species like cod, bass etc, what a lot of folk don't realise is that they make fantastic eating.

Preparation is straight forward although it sounds a bit crude.

First remove the fins and then cut around the head just piercing the skin.
Using a pair of pliers pull the skin towards the tail thus removing completely away from the fish. Cut the flesh away from the spine (this is the only bone in the fish) and cut into oxo sized cubes.

Coat the fish cubes in flour and then in egg and roll in breadcrumbs.

Deep fry until golden brown.
Result - Rock Salmon.

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