Safety First, Second and Always!

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The new salmon season starts here on the Dee on February 1st, and Other Half has been chewing the carpet to get out there and get his line wet. He's been keeping an almost obsessive eye on the water levels, which are high, fast and clear at the moment, and that set me thinking about a subject that should be at the forefront of everyone's minds. I know you're all keen to get out there and try out the new shiny, sexy rod for which you took out a second mortgage, or the stonking new reel, engineered to Mercedes quality which thrust you into penury. And you can't fool me that you haven't managed to accrue a rather splendid plethora of flies, lines, and the latest multi layer bulletproof waders over the close season. But have you given even a passing thought to a some basic equipment which, in the excitement of the moment, often gets overlooked. Have you got a good strong wading staff, or checked your flotation devices, or got adequate eye protection, a hat even?


Angel Lake Report 15th Jan

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We have had some very cold nights and days as well, lakes froze over but where ice free spaces are there are fish to be caught, best baits are maggot, sweetcorn, pellet. Graham Skirrey who is primarily a silver angler caught 99lb of carp on peg 24 on Wed by casting through the gap between the islands and used double sweet corn.

Sunday 15th Jan 2012 open / league Lookout  -6 at start!
Conditions: - overnight low of –7 , frozen fog, and white out ground as well as frozen lakes, ice had to be broken, ambient temp at start –6, partly cloudy, wind calm, barometer 1024.4mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 2.3 deg under the ice, ph 7.45, Do 6.7 under the ice, mv 26
All caught and Roach was the fish catching today John Foster taking first place on peg 25, the end ambient temperature was 1 deg and still lots of white frost everywhere. Some very hardy anglers though the day was glorious just bitter cold..
Wed 11th Jan 2012 open Bowes
Mostly cloudy, ambient temp 10 deg, humidity 82%, wind W 11mph, barometer 1027.9 mb high, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 3.9 deg, DO 8.1, PH 7.91, mv 58
1st Graham Skirrey 99lb ALL CARP on peg 4 not a silver for Graham this is a first almost a ton of carp!
2nd Alan Mc Guire 33lb 8oz peg 4 and he had to leave at 1pm!
3rd Jonny Trainer 25lb 5oz all carp peg 22
4th Dave Shallon 9lb 3oz his first match peg 34
rest DNW
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Angel Lakes Catch Report

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Some interesting results over the last few days and the holiday period 97lb 2oz of carp on peg 23 being the top weight out of Bowes by Jimmy Messa,

Lookout produced several 50lb plus weights with young Jonny Maven winning on several occasions with 51lb 5oz,
Bassetts has also been very productive especially in the smaller matches with a 51lb winner, a 41lb 9oz winner Alan Mc Guire. On paste (water temp was 3.1 on this day amazing)
Whilst Derek Potter fishing peg 3 on Bowes Saturday using 10mm banded angel pellets on bomb, straight through the islands caught 17 carp smallest was 5lb, amazing considering water temperature of 2 deg, .
Best baits are banded pellets, expander pellet, maggot, and sweetcorn, however fish are being caught on paste even though the water temperature is so low as 2 deg.
Fish are shoaled and you need to get ontop of the shoals to get good catches.
Happy New Year we have just returned from a month abroad for recuperation for Arthur after his major cancer operation in August but he is doing great and we pray he is fully over the cancer now..

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Wellsfield Trout Fishery­ Report - 13th Nov11

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Another busy week at Wellsfield Fishery, the frequent stocking of up to 4 times per week at the moment, is producing significant catches for trout anglers. All three lochans fished well this week for those fly fishing and bait fishing.  Many anglers bagger their fish limits catching Rainbow Trout, Blue Trout and Brown Trout. The average weight was just over 3lb 2oz per fish. Largest fish of the week was a 12lb rainbow trout caught by William Caddiss (Stirling) in his bag of 3 trout for 18lb (see photo). One Red £50 Prize Tag was caught this week by lucky angler T McPherson (Glasgow).


Angling Trust hydropower report

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Most hydropower schemes are a waste of taxpayers' money and damaging to the environment, says new report

A new report has slammed the way in which the Environment Agency is pressing ahead with plans to allow huge, 'fish mincing' turbines to be installed on many rivers in England and Wales without adequate environmental protection, monitoring or regulation. Widespread development of hydropower could cause serious environmental damage and destroy productive fisheries. Huge amounts of public money are being wasted for precious little return in electricity generated.

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