Fishing on your own? Be Savvy, Be Safe!

Written by Dan. Posted in Sea Fishing

The Angling Trust's Safety Code for Lone Anglers. Fishing on your own? Be Savvy, Be Safe!

Lots of us enjoy fishing alone, sometimes in remote places. None of us are immune to that unexpected accident that needs medical attention quickly. So...

  • Inform someone where you're going, and when you expect to be returning. It doesn't have to be a precise co-ordinate, a general area will do. Same with the timing.
  • Always carry a well-charged mobile phone. Check signal availability and strength on arrival. Put it in a waterproof case and then into pocket on the upper half of your body, the better to reach to dial 112 or 999.
  • Programme the European emergency services number 112 into your mobile, or memorise it. If you have an accident somewhere outside your mobile network coverage this number will find and use other networks.
  • Carry something with you that can use to alert others; a whistle is cheap. A personal/rape alarm can work, too. They're small and cost a bit more.
  • Consider carrying an emergency/space blanket. Cold can make shock and pain worse than it need be. They cost and weigh very little. Try a 'Pound Store'.
  • Likewise, consider wearing a self-inflating life-jacket when fishing from steep  banks, or in darkness. Modern versions are small, lightweight, and inexpensive if you consider what your life is worth!
  • If you regularly fish alone in remote areas, a flare or GPS-based satellite location device are recommended. A 'Spot' personal tracking device, or a more expensive electronic personal locator distress beacon (EPIRB) could be useful.

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