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The Knotless Knot

Written by Dan. Posted in Knots & Rigs

The Knotless Knot has become the most common knot used by far when creating many of the carp rigs used when carp fishing roday. This is down to the fact that it is easy to tie, extremely strong and provides excellent bait presentation in even it’s simplest form.


The Tucked Half Blood Knot

Written by Dan. Posted in Knots & Rigs

As its name suggests, this knot is simply half a bloodknot. It is used to attach line items such as hooks and swivels, and is reliable and easy to tie. The knot shown here has been tucked, meaning that the free end is passed through the loop which is formed between its coils and the hook or swivel.


How To Tie A Basic Hair Rig

Written by carpkrazy. Posted in Knots & Rigs

Without a doubt hair rigs have transformed the carp fishing scene being the most popular and successful type of rig to use when fishing for carp of all types and sizes, excepting maybe the crucian carp.

The basic hair rig is an easy rig to tie up and offers secure bait holding properties and superb hooking capability to the carp fisherman. It is a rig that all carp fishermen should master because many of the more sophisticated and complicated carp rigs now in use are based upon the principle of the basic hair rig.


The Uni Knot

Written by FishKeep. Posted in Knots & Rigs

One basic fishing knot which can be varied to meet virtually every knot tying need in either freshwater or saltwater fishing.  That was the objective of Vic Dunaway, author of numerous books on fishing and editor of "Florida Sportsman" magazine.  The Uni-Knot system resulted.

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