Fly Recommendations For April

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We have pleasure in sending you some fly recommendations for the coming month courtesy of The Essential Fly's Pro Tyer Sandy Dickson. Sandy is a highly respected angler and tyer with many years of experience. Famous for his fly ranges, such as the Blank Buster Buzzers amongst others, he is also seen each month in Trout Fisherman magazine answering readers fly fishing questions. Click on any of the links in the sections below to see the item up close or to add it to your collection! To see the full ranges go to the site The Essential Fly.

Sandy's Fly Recommendations

A terrestrial the Black Gnat best known as the Bibio Johannis, which like other closely related species,spends most of its life near water,running or still.  Black Gnats can be seen on the water, between April through till September.When the fall begins, fish can be seen rising everywhere. 

There are one or two other patterns you should not be without at this time of year, Black and Peacock Spider size 12 and a cfaf2a37b2cc7fa872eadcd74a8432ed.jpgGriffiths Gnat also a size 12. Its worth noting that some of these flies are available in collections as well as individually. Don't miss out on another terrestrial, the Hawthorn Fly,(also available individually or in a collection) which can be seen mid April to mid May is only available to the trout if it falls or is blown on to the water. It is of great value to the angler as it gives him/her one of the earliest opportunities to fish a floating artificial. So be ready for its arrival, as it is meat and two veg for the trout!

So a size 10 Black and Peacock Spider or a Foam Body Hawthorn Fly size 10, call them Buzzers or Chirononids, are by far the most important food source to all still water fish and all anglers should carry them in their fly box, in sizes ten to sixteen. One of the slimmest patterns to try is the Blank Buster range.These three flies are a must for the still water angler for the month of April

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