How to make your own catfish bait

Written by Dan. Posted in Coarse Fishing

Have you ever been fishing and witnessed someone catching all the fish?  I have many times.  When I see someone hauling in stringers full of fish I get very curious.  On occasion, I have asked about their secret techniques pertaining to equipment and bait.  A lot of times I will get the polite smile and response such as “just lucky today” or “you know…same ol’ stuff.”  I’ll ask what type of bait and that is usually when I will get the silent treatment.  The typical response, “sorry, secret family recipe” or “if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.”


Hooked on Maggots

Written by FishKeep. Posted in Coarse Fishing

Maggots in their uncoloured, unflavoured form are often highly successful but a bright, enticingly flavoured bait will sometimes give you the edge.

It's Obviously important when fishing that the fish can see your bait and they like what they see. For example when fishing on murky waters a plain maggot may be hardly visible, whereas a bright red or yellow specimen may show up clearly. There are a few things you can do to enhance their appeal.

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