Angel Lakes Catch Report - 29th Apr '12

Written by Ann Adlington. Posted in Catch Reports

Gary from Wear Valley Angling a level 2 coach was coaching 2 students on Bowes who caught 38 carp to 12lb, 3 Bream of 7lb, several tench and various other silvers both anglers had an average of 200lb in the session. Norman Eden season ticket holder caught over 100 fish on a half day session on Bassetts he did get wet into the bargain with excessive rain. 52 carp 28 crucians, 4 tench, 11 gudgeon plus other silvers. Even though cooler water temperatures after the torrential rain fishing has been very good, fish feeding up ready to spawn. To rate and review Angel Lkaes please go here

Sunday 29th April 2012 open/league Lookout
Condition:- More excessive overnight rain,  rain and sleet ,barometer 1013.5, ambient temp 5 deg, wind cold NNE 19 mph with gusts to 40mph,  moon phase first quarter, water temp 8.4, Do 6.8, PH 7.35, mv-85

1st Neil Brown 29lb peg 16aa
2nd Dave Pearson 22lb 6oz peg 5
3rd Dave Cain 21lb 03oz peg 25

Section 1 John Foster 14lb 06oz peg 24
Section 2 Rob Schindler  14lb 02 peg 42
Section 3 Jonny Maddison 14lb 03oz peg 32
Section 4 Chris Gowling 9lb 12oz peg 6

Big Waters on Bowes 1st Martin Craig 21lb 6oz peg 26

Saturday 28th April open Bowes
Conditions:- overnight rain, partly cloudy, ambient temp 5 deg, wind NE 16mph, barometer 1024mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 7.1 deg, DO 9.4, Ph 7.45, mv –45

1st Jonny Maven Jnr 43lb 11oz peg 26
2nd Alan Mc Guire 40lb 9oz peg 24
3rd Peter Cairns 35lb 8oz peg 22
4th Dave Pearson 26lb 15oz peg 18
5th Jonny Trainor 18lb 11oz peg 4
6th Graham Skirrey 17lb 05oz peg 2

Wednesday 25th April  2012 open Bowes
Conditions:- Heavy rain, ambient temp 6 deg,  wind ENE  16mph, barometer 990.1mb,  moon phase waxing crescent,  water temp 9.2 deg, ph 7.95, DO 9,95, mv 41

1st Rob Emmery 72lb 13oz peg 24
2nd Ray Wallace 57lb 12oz peg 22
3rd Richard Wildman 38lb 6oz peg 2
4th Alan Mc Guire 34lb 11oz peg 34
5th Rob Schindler 34lb 4oz peg 10
6th Graham Skirrey 21lb 07oz peg 40

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