Wellsfield Fishery Report - 1st Apr '12

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Wellsfield Fishery is now open till 8pm 7 days per week for fly and bait fishing. We will open till 9pm soon. Opening hours are currently 8am-8pm, 7 days.

All 3 lochans fished very well throughout the course of the week, due to the good head of trout stocked. We continue to receive a weekly delivery of top quality hard fighting trout, which we then trickle stock up to 4 times per week into the ponds.

The rise in temperature has started to see some fly life hatch around the ponds, including chrinomids (midge buzzers), hawthorn flies, stone flies, and some olives.

Best flies this week: Black & Green Nomad, Yellow Dancer, Orange Blob, Cormorant, Red HH Damsel, Buzzers, Diawl Bach. Best Baits: Maggots, Worms and Small Mepp Spinners.

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Best Catches for this week:


B McWatt (Bathgate) 5 for 16lb, best 4lb rainbow,

G Donnelly (Grangemouth) 5 for 15lb, best 4lb blue trout,

D Smith (Kirkintilloch) 5 for 15lb,

P Davis (Alloa) 5 for 15lb,

G Reid (Glasgow) 5 for 14lb,

R Owen (Glasgow) 4 for 12lb 12oz,

A Clark (Camelon) 4 for 12lb,

D Goodison (Falkirk) 4 for 12lb,

M Henderson (Denny) 4 for 12lb,

I Finnie (Perth) 4 for 12lb,

I McGregor (Doune) 4 for 11lb 8oz,

L Paterson (Bannockburn) 4 for 11lb 8oz,

R Dubek (Bearsden) 4 for 11lb 2oz,

A Grandison (Glasgow) 4 for 10lb 8oz,

L McGeorge (Glasgow) 4 for 10lb,

R Chisholm (Inverness) 4 for 10lb,

D Wilson (Glasgow) 3 for 11lb 4oz, best 5lb rainbow,

J McCallan (Glasgow) 3 for 10lb, best 4lb rainbow,

F Robertson (Tullibody) 3 for 9lb 4oz,

K Lennon (Airdrie) 3 for 9lb 4oz,

M McCafferty (Hamilton) 3 for 9lb 2oz,

T Kitston (Kincardine) 3 for 8lb 8oz,

T Neil (Kilsyth) 3 for 8lb 4oz,

R Dixon (Stirling) 3 for 8lb 4oz,

M Fairweather (Hamilton) 3 for 8lb 1oz,

S Hamilton (Glasgow) 3 for 9lb,

I McDonald (Bannockburn) 3 for 8lb 8oz,

W Stanovich (Sauchie) 5 for 18lb 12oz, best 4lb 8oz rainbow,

J Orr (Alloa) 3 for 8lb,

M Robertson (Tullibody) 3 for 8lb,

P Johnston (Fallin) 3 for 8lb,

B Lennon (Airdrie) 3 for 7lb 4oz,

R Nimmo (Stirling) 3 for 6lb 12oz,

B Falconer (Boness) 2 for 9lb, best 6lb rainbow,

J Marshall (Stirling) 2 for 8lb 8oz, best 5lb 8oz rainbow,

B Davidson (Stirling) 2 for 8lb, best 5lb rainbow,

H Longridge (Glasgow) 2 for 7lb 12oz, best 4lb 12oz rainbow,

S Shearer (Cumbernauld) 2 for 6lb 8oz,

D Westwater (Airth) 2 for 6lb 4oz,

R Renwick (Clackmannan) 2 for 6lb 4oz,

F Rae (Glasgow) 2 for 6lb,

S Meaney (Falkirk) 2 for 6lb,

M Giveler (Alloa) 2 for 6lb,

B Dawson (Bannockburn) 2 for 6lb,

P McPhee (Bridge of Allan) 2 for 5lb 12oz,

G Adams (Bridge of Allan) 2 for 5lb 8oz,

D Taylor (Clackmannan) 2 for 5lb 12oz,

J Shaw (Kilsyth) 2 for 5lb 8oz,

G Buchanan (Kirkintilloch) 2 for 5lb 8oz,

D Batchelor (Airth) 2 for 5lb 8oz,

R Nimmo Jnr (Stirling) 2 for 5lb 4oz,

D Stirray (Cumbernauld) 2 for 5lb 4oz,

M Lowe (Falkirk) 2 for 5lb,

J Brown (Stirling) 2 for 5lb,

G McGowan (Stirling) 2 for 5lb,

M McCallan (Glasgow) 2 for 5lb,

A Wright (Glasgow) 2 for 5lb,

G Elvers (Larkhall) 2 for 4lb 12oz,

G Cook (Glasgow) 1 for 4lb 8oz,

A Weir (Falkirk) 1 for 4lb.

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