Pallatrax ‘The Naturals’ Hidra Range.

Written by Clint Walker. Posted in Angling News

Continuing the theme within their successful ‘Naturals’ bait ranges, Pallatrax have now come up with a further innovative twist with the first stage launch of three new and totally unique baits.

The Hidra Bait range will initially consist of three totally natural products: The Brown Snail, The Black Snail and The Water Mussel. These baits come in a dried format and on first inspection appear somewhat of an ‘Ugly Duckling’ until immersed in water. Over a four hour period they rapidly ‘change’ back into their original form, as the water re-hydrates them.

The change is startling and you will end up with a protein packed and totally natural multi-species bait, which very much includes Carp. The re-hydrated baits have a rubbery skin that enables it to be either hooked or hair rigged. This rubbery skin has the further positive attribute in that the bait is extremely resilient and will stay on the hook or hair for casting and withstand the attention from ‘nuisance’ species.

Added to this, and a true winning tactic, is that the baits will draw in a flavour when immersed in a water based flavour. As they re-hydrate they literally suck in the flavour resulting in a natural bait with the added attraction of your favourite ‘fish catching’ flavour. And if that’s not enough, try adding a colour dye to the water, which again will suck into the bait and not just coat it.

The baits come in resealable plastic tubs and retail for £6.95.

As with all of our products please feel free to contact the team at Pallatrax for any further information.

Telephone: 01409 240042

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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