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Aquaculture Equipment Ltd Managing Director Mark Stockton is delighted to announce the release of a new innovation designed to assist fishery owners keep their venues ice free during winter months. After discussions with their design engineer Chris Weston, Aquaculture have developed the HEAT WAVE HA-1 to solve the problem. The new HEAT WAVE Aerator pre heater system uses a simple heater coil arrangement to gently warm air drawn into the standard Force 7 aerator unit and provides an effective method of ice clearance on any venue.

It really works!
It really works!

As all fishery owners are aware, the formation of ice can lead to a host of problems, not least cash flow. When ice covers the surface of any waterway, stocks are put at risk as waterborne bacteria and fish continue to use up valuable oxygen which cannot be replaced by aquatic plants due to a lack of light penetration through the ice to propagate photosynthesis. Gaseous exchange is no longer possible at the surface, and, in shallow lakes with high bio-mass, this can lead to loss of irreplaceable fish stocks....

By pre heating chilled air drawn into the Force 7 suction tube, then delivering it beneath the surface of the water, the HEAT WAVE is proven to enhance the ice clearing performance of the already effective aerator and allows fisheries to remain open in even the coldest weather. The addition of an alternative, bigger ‘blue’ prop to the Force 7 aerator can also improve the capabilities of this exceptional piece of fishery management equipment; recirculating an astonishing 250,000 litres of fluid per hour whilst distributing large amounts of air into the water ensures plenty of diffused oxygen to guarantee that your fishery stays open for business!

HEAT WAVE is designed for use when the ambient air temperature approaches 0 degrees; after just ten minutes, the element will gently warm the entrained air to a maximum of 25 degrees centigrade to keep vent tubes ice free and rapidly disrupt ice formation. Closed loop hatchery systems can also gain supplementary benefit by using HEAT WAVE to sustain ideal temperatures and conditions for growth. A simple Venturi device, the ECO2, can be fixed at the outlet of any pumped water array to allow fitting of the HEAT WAVE to provide oxygen and warmth where necessary.

HEAT WAVE is cost effective too, drawing just 90w when in use; it is comparable to a single light bulb and is supplied with a dedicated IP56 230v AC power unit, completely safe for outdoor use. A thermal protection circuit prevents damage to the HEATWAVE module and can also be set to operate automatically via an integral temperature monitor.

The HEATWAVE is easy to retro fit to your existing Force 7 aerators, or can be supplied with any new unit. Contact Mark Stockton at Aquaculture Equipment Ltd for more information.
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