Pallatrax Newsletter Sept'11

Written by Dan. Posted in Angling News

This month’s newsletter brings the very latest catch reports taken by Pallatrax anglers using Pallatrax baits and news of a new appointment.......Pallatrax is pleased to report that Clint Walker been asked to expand his role within Pallatrax. Since joining the team in early 2011, Clint has had great success with Pallatrax baits and products at a variety of venues across the North West, and has now been offered the opportunity to prepare content for Pallatrax input within both the social media arena and website publishing. Further liaison with other angling websites and ‘hard copy’ publications will ensure that new developments, catch reports and the latest news is immediately available to those who need them.

Clint told us that since joining Pallatrax earlier this year that he has used the baits and terminal tackle range to good effect, and more significantly, seen his catch rates rise! He added; “I’ve not really used a conventional lead now since January, as I’m of the firm belief that the Stonze weights give a completely natural presentation which, in conjunction with a variety of quality Pallatrax baits and end tackle, has certainly seen me have a good season, including a new personal best carp from a tricky venue on my first visit! I’m extremely pleased to be asked to extend my role into the vitally important social media network and increase my input to the popular angling magazines which we all read.”

Simon Pomeroy reports that; “The increasing popularity of Pallatrax products has led to a need for a the company to really get to grips with a variety of outlets to gain further exposure, and the assistance of Clint will ensure that Pallatrax news hits the media quickly.”

Catch reports continue to flood in; young anglers Luca de Michele, Tom Barge and Jack Shurety are tearing up Midlands venue Drayton Reservoir. All three of our junior stars have been using a variety of tactics; JUNGLE bloaters (floating baits) fished amongst mixer biscuits have been accounting for plenty of carp, and standard bottom baits such as CRAVE and JUNGLE have also been taking fish to well over 20lbs. The lads have fished many of the popular pegs on the reservoir and have taken fish every time!

Jack Shurety with a cracking Drayton common 2Also catching well is barbel angler Dave Pearce. Dave took the same 13lbs 8ozs twice during recent sessions on the same river in swims ¾ of a mile apart! The lucky angler told Pallatrax; “I was fishing a local stretch of the Warwickshire Avon I had the fish on a simple running rig using 10lb Gamma Edge mainline, a running Stonze to a tulip bead. The hook link comprised 3ft of 10 lb gamma fluorocarbon to a size 8 The Hook,I used a piece of broken Elixir 6 stick wrapped in a walnut sized piece of paste. This rig was fished over a 1/4 kilo of crushed Elixir 6 sticks.

I had the fish for the first time from a steady glide above some big overhanging trees, which is classic barbel territory. Six days later I returned to the same stretch but fished 3/4 of a mile upstream, again using the Elixir 6 sticks and paste on the same simple running Stonze rig,

The first barbel of the evening was an immaculate fish of 10 lb 12 oz followed up by a repeat capture of the 13 lb 8 oz fish from the previous week, I couldn't believe my luck as I looked down into my landing net and it was the same big fish.

It just goes to show the pulling power of the Pallatrax baits and how far these big fish will move for the bait!!!”

With reported fish from the Kennet, Avon, Wye and many other rivers, it shows that Pallatrax baits really are doing the business across the country!

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