Angel Lakes Catch Report - Aug'11

Written by Dan. Posted in Angling News

A wet week full of surprises both in the weather with torrential downpours out of the blue, and catches some stunning individual fish again being caught, a bream on Bowes of 11lb 10oz which was covered in tubercles and going into a second spawning this year, a crucian on Lookout of 3lb 14oz an excellent specimen in mint condition, and several good ghosties as well as koi on lookout to 12lb 3oz, whilst on Bowes a 29lb 2oz common as well as a 25lb 15 oz mirror was caught by Edward Wiles from Redcar up on holiday fishing for a couple of days albeit wet ones.


Bassetts has continued its constant performance with a common of 5lb 6oz caught by a first time angler 10yr old George Clowes from Gateshead, as well as constant fish a chuck.

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Sunday 7th Aug 2011 open/league Lookout  Ton UP!!
Conditions: Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 12 deg, wind WSW 8 mph, barometer 992.9 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 17.2,   DO  7.9,   PH 7.85,  mv 34


  • 1st Tony Watson 101lb 10oz peg 25  Well done
  • 2nd John Foster 58lb 4oz peg 3
  • 3rd Steve Mc Court 54lb 9oz peg 31
  • 4th Chris Owers 44lb 15oz peg 7
  • 5th Peter Cairns 37lb 10oz peg 11
  • 6th Neil Brown 34lb 2oz peg 16aa

Saturday 6th Aug 2011 open Bowes
Conditions: partly cloudy and rain then torrential rain, thunder and lightening, , ambient temp 15 deg, wind N 5mph, barometer 1003.1, moon phase first quarter, Water temp 18.2 deg, DO 7.3, Ph 7.86, MV 55


  • 1st Anth Richards 48lb 12oz peg 40
  • 2nd Daniel Paskin 42lb 8oz peg 34
  • 3rd Alan Mc Guire 37lb 15oz peg 2

Friday 5th Aug 2011 open Lookout
Conditions: Partly cloudy, ambient temp 16 deg, humidity 89%, wind WSW 10mph, barometer 1005.4mb, moon phase waxing crescent,  Water temp 18.2 deg, ph 7.55, DO 7.95,


  • 1st Anth Richardson 58lb 11oz peg 1
  • 2nd Alex Burton 40lb 2oz peg 5
  • 3rd Steve Mc Court 38lb 01oz peg 3
  • 4th Kevin Richards  11lb 06oz peg  15


Wed 3rd Aug 2011 eve 3 hour open match
Conditions: Bright and some clouds, ambient temp 21 deg, humidity 69%, wind calm to E 10mph, barometer 1011.9,  moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 18.7 deg, DO 7.95, Ph 7.65, mv 49


  • 1st Dave Pearson 37lb 13oz peg 14
  • 2nd Martin Atkin 34lb 5oz peg 36
  • 3rd Alister Morris 23lb 01oz peg 12
  • 4th Tommy Cullerton 22lb 1oz peg 3
  • 5th Anth Richardson 21lb 14oz peg 34
  • 6th Kim Christie 18lb 13oz peg 35

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