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Angel Lakes Report July 8th

Created on 08 July 2012. Posted in Catch Reports

... session targeting carp early and late in the day and targeting silvers mid day, season ticket holders coming in around 4 am before work and getting great catches or coming in 7pm till late with excellent ...

The Naturals Multi-Purpose Powders Range

Created on 27 April 2012. Posted in Angling News

... format, either by wrapping around a hair rigged hook bait or straight onto the hook. Within the modern bait trends many anglers have forgotten that fish feed avidly on natural food sources all year round ...

Wellsfield Fishery Report - 1st Apr '12

Created on 03 April 2012. Posted in Catch Reports

...  The rise in temperature has started to see some fly life hatch around the ponds, including chrinomids (midge buzzers), hawthorn flies, stone flies, and some olives. Best flies this week: Black & ...

Safety First, Second and Always!

Created on 30 January 2012. Posted in General Fishing

... in front of you. If you are still holding onto your rod, you can use it to punt yourself around until your feet are facing downstream. If you haven't got it, use your hands as paddles. Don't worry about ...

Another Season in the Bag

Created on 22 October 2011. Posted in Fly Fishing

... by lurking around the fishmonger's stall in the local supermarket, breathing in the heady, stomach churning aroma of a freshly gutted salmon as if it were Chanel No 5. The four months between the end of ...

Pallatrax Newsletter Oct'11

Created on 19 October 2011. Posted in Angling News

... pages, so things are getting busy at Pallatrax! A brand new stockist is now supplying Pallatrax products from a MOBILE shop which visits a number of venues and towns around East Anglia and surrounding ...

Wader Woes

Created on 19 September 2011. Posted in General Fishing

We've all done it, tried to ignore that creeping, cold tickling around our backsides, that gradually spreading icy chilliness that shifts subtly from irritating annoyance into downright discomfort, and ...

Cranbrook and District Angling Club

Created on 19 August 2011. Posted in Stillwater Coarse

... and Royal Military Canal to our exlusive waters, we are the best value club around. Adult fee is £73, Senior Citizens/Intermediates is £36 and Juniors is only £28. How many times can you go to a commercial ...

Forum Help

Created on 07 August 2011. Posted in About

... sufficient working knowledge to feel comfortable enough to get involved here in the forum. After that, you can do a sleuthing around to learn what the rest of the goodies do. Set up your profile When ...

It's all fair game at the Game Fair.

Created on 02 August 2011. Posted in General Fishing

... and bag some tuition for free, but also because I get to wrap my sticky mitts around a few choice shotguns and create a bit of smoke and noise in the testing area. Think of it as catharsis with safety ...

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